When should you book for pregnancy care?


Congratulations, you’re having a baby! At TasOGS you can choose to book with us as soon as you know that you’re pregnant.

Booking early has the double advantage of ensuring you don’t miss out on the limited spots at TasOGS and allows us to offer you an ultrasound scan as early as 6 weeks.

Early ultrasounds have been shown to improve pregnancy outcomes by improving the accuracy of pregnancy dating. This reduces your risk of a post-dates pregnancy and in turn reduces the risk of stillbirth.

Most importantly, as we found ourselves when pregnant, an early scan allows you and your family to be reassured about the progress of your pregnancy.

Our TasOGS obstetricians Dr Kirsten Connan and Dr Tania Hingston, each care for only 10 new pregnant women and their families every month. Limiting the number of deliveries each month ensures that you will receive the personalised care we aim for at TasOGS and most importantly means you will always be safely supported by a well-rested obstetrician.

Booking early gives you the best chance to secure a spot at TasOGS, depending on your baby’s due date.

If you call and our TasOGS bookings are full for your due month, we will be able to recommend alternative Hobart obstetricians.

Booking early also provides you with an opportunity to consider the many genetic and chromosomal tests  that are now available in pregnancy – often requiring only a simple blood test. Many of these are best performed at 10 weeks gestation or earlier. This maintains your choice about continuing your pregnancy and keeps you well informed about any implications or management options.

When you book with TasOGS you will need to have a referral from your GP or specialist, and we will need to know your baby’s due date, whether calculated by yourself or provided by your GP. It’s an exciting time!

Good luck with the exciting and rewarding parenthood journey ahead!